Welcome to T21Farms


Our mission:  Create a place where persons with Special Needs can be guest farmers

Our outreach:  To show the world the JOY of loving persons with Special Needs

About Us

Farming With A Mission


Our farm was started with the dream of creating meaningful jobs for Adults with Down syndrome as well as other special needs.  Our outreach seeks to let the world know that life is better WITH people like our dear Annabelle.  Veterans?  Elderly?  Foster Kids?  Anyone who needs healing through contact with animals and earth will be welcome. 

Coaching with Evelyn


Evelyn's certifications in Neuro Linguistic Programming as a Practitioner and Life Coach as well as her Master's degree in Psychology are put in YOUR service.   Evelyn also completed the Drug Enforcement Administration's Trauma Team Training to counsel her fellow Special Agents after trauma.  Check out the Coaching with Evelyn section for more info.   

Grow with us

Percy and Honor trotting around the paddock.

Update: 12/6/2019 Our Alpaca will be guest starring at the Kirkland Downtown Association's Winterfest 12/7/19,  as well as Google Lights on 12/13/19.  They've been in "reindeer training" for a couple weeks, making sure they load and unload into the horse trailer.  Next year:  Antlers and TuTus!