Welcome to T21Farms

We are a small farm on the outskirts of Issaquah, Washington.  


About Us

Farming With A Mission

Our farm was started with the dream of creating meaningful jobs for Adults with Down syndrome as well as other special needs.  Our outreach seeks to let the world know that life is better WITH people like our dear Annabelle.

Continually Evolving

As we discover our farm, we will be exploring ways we can farm that are fun for our family.  We want to contribute to our community and build relationships with the diverse and eclectic population that surrounds farming, three wonderful daughters and all their activities, and the Pacific Northwest!  

Grow with us

Update: 9/16/18  WE HAVE 19 ALPACA!  Our alpaca are learning to love their new pastures.  They are skittish and we are teaching them to love us by hand feeding them grains.  We would love to have visitors who can calmly interact with the alpaca to help habituate them to humans.   Persons with experience with animals can come help halter train!  By appointment only.