The Future


We now have 19 Alpaca who we are raising for fun and profit.  These beautiful animals come in a stunning range of colors which then makes the softest, most decadent yarn EVER!  It's also hypoallergenic, anti-microbial and fire-resistant!  When we figure out how to breed these darlings, we will expand the farm or sell some to share the joy with other farmers.  Whether showing animals, selling yarn, or sharing our farm, our outreach will continue to teach how our loved ones with Down syndrome contribute meaningfully to our lives, our farm and the world.

Chickens & Eggs

We are excited to report our chickens are producing as many as nine eggs per day!  We are creatively modifying recipes to include more eggs.  I'm making omlettes in small mason jars for quick breakfasts!  One mess and many breakfasts.  Our chickens include the ones that lay colored eggs.  Oma always called them "Anaconda" chickens, but that's the big snake.  Regardless, the DELIGHT of hatching baby chicks, feeding chickens, discovering eggs, and sharing them with YOU will be so fun to see through the eyes of our children.  Alexis is our best chicken wrangler.  Ask about her two silkies!

Harvest Parties

A cider press will be one of the first things we obtain!  Bring your apples and we will help you wash, grind, and press them, resulting in the most delicious cider you have ever tasted.  If you like we can preserve the cider for you in 1/2 gallon mason jars, or you can take it and let it ferment into the best hard cider EVER!  Price structure and available dates will be posted when we are up and running.   If you have a lead on a cider press or have one to donate, we are eager to start this!!  I find it almost painful to drive past apple trees that beg to be harvested!!!

Fairy Scavenger Hunt

Alexis and I are writing BOOKS

Alexis had the genius idea to write chapter books set in our woods and creeks.  These will be done for multiple modalities of comprehension;  visual, written, spoken.  In addition to these modalities, we are working on creating a walking path throughout the property where we plan to place tiny dioramas of fairy villages, suspend fairies from trees, and enchant the walk to be fully magical.  

Persons with Special needs often battle obesity.  This is understandable as we neurotypical folks have challenges forcing ourselves to get to the gym.  Creating a scavenger hunt that moves our walk members throughout the property by looking for the next fairy or village will get them valuable exercise in a delightful way.  Monthly memberships  or one-time walks will be available when we've got the magic created.   We will also create a YouTube channel with the walk and fairies.  Annabelle and Alexis will be STARS! 

Meanwhile, however, we are looking for people who will enjoy helping us create our dioramas and string line between trees from which we can drop the fairies.  We need illustrators.  We will eventually create videos.  I would love to create an app that would lead people through the hunt.  Imagine all that will go into creating a magical world where ANYONE would want to go for a walk and be enchanted.  

Learn More

Contact Evelyn at or 650-355-9501 if you want to help create MAGIC!

The Farms


Do you know why Alpaca hum?  

'Cause they don't know the words! 

Chickens and Eggs

How fun is this?  Not to mention, it teaches the kids a work ethic.  We can't make your breakfast until you go get the eggs.  

Yarns and fiber

With so many beautiful, natural colors, why would we befoul the environment to dye Alpaca wool?  Humanely sheared, cottage mill spun yarn is BLISS to knit.

Jams, Jellies and Preserves

Our own berry farm supports our jam, jelly and preserves production.  The abundance of our farm will be uniquely preserved.  Zucchini chutney anyone? 

Hand Crafted Soaps

Hand crafted soaps are made with all organic essential oils.  Sulfite-free and skin-friendly, you can make your shower a multi-sensory delight.

Unique African Violets

Random, right?  But African Violets have long been one of our many passions.  We recycle glass bottles to make self-watering planters for the beauties we sell.  Beautiful AND easy.