Volunteer Opportunities

Tree Trimming


We have beautiful, mature trees.  To keep them healthy, and to make pasture land under them, we need to trim dozens of trees.  My mantra is "If I can't mow, it's got to go!"  We trim up the lowest branches so we can maintain the pasture.  

Tree house


Anyone up for helping build a tree house?  This is a lower priority than most as we are still moving in to the property, but e-mail me fun designs or ideas!  Annabelle wants a pirate ship and Alexis thought that the plank could be over the trampoline!

Halter Training


Our alpaca are almost feral.  The previous owner was diagnosed with cancer and took great solace in the wonderful herd he had built.  They need more hands-on time and halter training.  Compassionate and gentle hands are needed to help allay their fears and build their trust. 



I scraped off two layers of wall paper!  Annabelle's room is in full Seahawks decor.  I've painted a base layer of gray while putting on blue and green stick on stripes.  Alexis gets to master basic cleanliness concepts before a room re-do.  Angelina has yet to decide on her motif but loves the teal and rose of the quilt I made her with vintage looking fabrics. 


Earth moving


We have some sloped areas on the property where I would like to put up retaining walls and make level areas for the berry farm.  Anyone know how to do this?  UPDATE:  Friends from California (SHOUT OUT JEREMY AND SHELLY!) spent a lovely week with us helping to build the "pass to Kandahar" as Doug named it when it was more precarious. 



We want to hear your ideas that will make this a welcome and safe place for our Guest Farmers.  Imagine persons with special needs enjoying a farm experience at whatever level they can.  How can we make that happen?  Email evelyn@t21farms.com