Hamilton Precepts

Work Smarter, Work Harder, Be a Self Starter


Just Do It.  DOOOO the work.  THINK about what you're doing.  How does what you're doing fit into the larger mission.  Put the phone down and get something done.  Spending another couple hours nattering on with friends might be fun -- heck it IS fun, but what will you have to show for it?  What will you have ACCOMPLISHED?  Stop letting yourself get sucked into the drama and look around.  What can you do to pay back? To pay forward? To advance your own mission? 

What does it mean to be a Bastard?


People will judge you about things you can't control.   Why is that important to them?  What does it tell you about them?  It means NOTHING about you!  Got funny teeth?  Freckles?  OWN it.  Control what you can. For everything else?  Say it with me "That's NOT MY monkey!  That's NOT MY circus!" Then shoo that monkey off your back, it never belonged there.

Don't Compromise -- unless it's for something better.


Are you not going to throw away your shot?  Don't!  Unless George Washington says "You can advance more in one year watching me than in a whole war."  Helping George and eagerly bringing your brain to the game can reinvent your shot even better than you could have come up with yourself. No one ever got ahead by sitting around, waiting for a promotion. 

Stand up for yourself -- Politely


If YOUR George -- or anyone -- is not appreciating you, examine the situation.  Who can live without whom?  What can you control?  But let's also do a self-diagnostic loop.  Never burn bridges you might need to cross.  But cross it if you need to. 

Why Wait For It?


Waiting is a bunch of doing NOTHING.  KEEP GOING.  WORK AT IT.  Figure out what you SHOULD be working at.  Even if you make a false start, you probably learned from it which is more than you learn from waiting. 

More A.Ham. Less A.Burr


Burr was VICE FREAKING PRESIDENT and he blamed Hamilton for his career failures?  Each prior vice president had become president.  Burr was ONE STEP from being president.   It's all in your perspective. If he had put on his big boy panties and done the work, he would have been the next president.  People will say things about you... Ask yourself.  "What if this is true?"  Even jerks tell the truth sometimes.  Be thankful for the information.  Both the truth and that they're jerks.  It's ALL useful.

Hamilton Precepts Continued (EXPLICIT)

Cursing is a valuable resource. Use sparingly


Sprinkling curse words every sentence or two takes out the impact and doesn't represent well.  You're smart!  Think up some good ones in advance.  

But some days, when life REALLY knocks you down?  Be like Hercules Mulligan and 


If you want that person, GO GET THEM!


Since when did being shy get anyone anywhere?  Be CONFIDENT.  "Is it a question of if, Burr, or which one?"  BE the person they would want as their best friend for life.  After all, infatuation fades, but friendship lasts.  OWN it.  BE awesome.  Part of being awesome is making people around you feel awesome about themselves.  

Think twice before clicking "SEND" or publishing a pamphlet


Sometimes you can "write your way out" and sometimes you can write your way into a mess.  In this world of instant communication it is easy to say things and click "send" before we've thought them through.  Take a break.  Think about how you'd feel if you RECEIVED this.  Extend grace.  Everyone has their own war to fight.  Move along. 

Life doesn't discriminate, but people do and we SHOULD! Guess why?


PEOPLE discriminate.  And it's NORMAL, even wise to discriminate based on something RELEVANT -- like whether or not you WAIT FOR IT - or actually go do the WORK.  Would YOU want someone on your team who just waits for it?  Or do you want someone who will jump in and help in every way possible?  Do you want someone who waits for every instruction or someone who sees the big picture and how their job fits into it?   BE the person they discriminate FOR.

Salamander Hamilton


Introducing Salamander Hamilton.  He may be a lizard rather than a Salamander, but we thought the name would be more fun as is.  Alexis (pictured) appreciated Mommy catching this little guy to play with for a while.  He was returned to the Three Sisters pasture and we hope to see him regularly. 



Time to go scoop alpaca poop and ROCK OUT to the Hamilton sound track for more inspiration!