Yarns!  Be prepared for a sensory experience when you first touch Alpaca yarn!  All natural colors from Alpaca you'll know by name.  Need more brown?  Ask for Gus.  More white?  Inde and Fyrn are your girls. 



If you would prefer to purchase an entire fleece of a particular color, we can arrange that.  Enjoying the PROCESS of creating your masterpiece is such a delight!  Skirt, wash, card, spin, knit.  Let's geek out on fiber together!



Roving packets that include all the colors we have on the farm will be available.  You can use these to felt your own masterpieces.  I'm thinking Gnomes!

Hand knitted items


I knit lace items with larger scale yarns due to health conditions in my hands.  This also makes it possible for me to knit neck warmers and smaller items in a manner that makes their production and sale reasonable.  



AVAILABLE NOW:  Always wanted to learn to knit?  WHAT??? Those aren't knitting needles! Those are MAGIC WANDS! Private or group lessons available by arrangement.  My enthusiasm for this art form cannot be overstated!  Yes, that's how I feel about teaching knitting!

Guest Farmers and Tours


AVAILABLE NOW: We love to give tours of our property and explain our mission.  Tours are custom designed to your party's needs.  Some people want to hike the whole property.  Some want to feed alpaca then go enjoy coffee and a cake made with our own eggs.  As each party is unique, we make each tour unique.  Prices range from $10 -$25 per person.

Jams, Jellies and Preserves

Simple and pure


Our preserves are made with the most simple and pure recipes possible.  Products will vary depending on availability of fruit.  What never changes? They are ALL delicious.  Guest farmers will have fun with making jams and fulfillment of orders for on-line sales.

Supporting local growers


We are building relationships with local growers for fruit beyond what we can grow on our farm.  How could we not?  Washington State has the most awesome fruit and the bestest farmers EVER!

Small batch processing


Each batch is a unique experience.  Each batch will be uniquely delicious.  Annabelle might want to add nutmeg, but Josh thinks cinnamon would work.  Okay, we'll make a batch of each.  And you get to eat their creations!

Bee Keeping

Bee Keeping


Any farm could use these handy workers!  They will help pollinate all our agricultural products and produce honey and beeswax!  This photo is of my cousin Walter Strenger.  Check out my mentor bee keeper's site!

Lip balm


Our guest farmers will be making their own lip balm line using the beeswax and herbs grown on the farm.  Who knows what they'll come up with, but their creations will be for sale both on-line and in our farm store. 

Beeswax candles


I'm not sure what Annabelle will do with this.  Will she want these scented?  How would YOUR loved one put their own spin on candles?  Shall we dip them or pour them?  We will be having fun while being creative.  



How could we miss the honey?  Our 42 ornamental plum trees will provide a lovely flavor to our honey.  We are hoping to plant lavender and other crops that will make the flavor of T21 honey uniquely delicious.

Honey and Herb infused soaps


Did you know Honey is a natural antiseptic?  Before antibiotics, Honey would be slathered on wounds to

 kill germs and promote healing. Imagine what it will do for the delicate skin of your face!  

Send us your ideas


Do you have experience with Bee keeping?  Our international bee expert Walter Strenger (and Evelyn's cousin) will be advising us.  How about soap making?  Candle making?  E-mail me your stories and recipes at  BEE part of our vision!

Coaching By Evelyn

Special Needs Parenting


Years of loving and parenting a child with Down syndrome and the adventures with schools and hospitals that inevitably follow give a depth of experience to Evelyn's ability to coach through joys AND challenges.  

First Responders


For 14 years, Evelyn was a Special Agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration.  She was selected to be a Trauma Team Counselor by her fellow Agents.  You can NOT shock her, and you CAN trust her.  

Career Transition / Retirement


Transitions can be so hard!  Redefining your identity after a lifetime finding your value in your work takes work.  Evelyn's experiences help her ask the right questions so that YOU find the right answers for your new life.


“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

-Dr. Wayne Dyer

Coaching is the process whereby we discover your desires, identify the path to achieve them, remove blockages and negative thoughts by replacing them with supportive and constructive thoughts.  We will help you find your destination, and get your internal compass pointing you there.  Without a destination, a compass is useless!  Start your journey by emailing

Coaching is available by appointment at $90 per hour

Weight Wars


After years of putting everyone else first took its toll and registered on the scale, Evelyn's adventure with bariatric surgery helped kill the guilt, solve the problem and restore vitality and energy that is now available to coach YOU.  Bariatric surgery may not be your choice, but we can all agree that you deserve to love yourself!



Evelyn has a Master's degree in Psychology as well as certifications in Neuro Linguistic Programming as both a Practitioner and a Life Coach.   Evelyn completed the Drug Enforcement Administration's Trauma Team Training to guide Law Enforcement Officers and First Responders through traumatic incidents.